Choosing Where to Eat With Family And Friends


Matsuhisa restaurantsfigure out where to eat

We have all heard the jokes around trying to find out where your family should go to dinner. Whether it’s you and your spouse, you and your friends, or everyone in between, you may be looking at as many options as possible when it comes to determining how you want to find the best food to eat. Have you been thinking about Matsuhisa restaurants, fast food places, or anything in between? Why is it so hard for us to sort out what we want to eat?

The fact is, American couples spend 5+ days every single year trying to figure out where to eat. The reason is this: While we all say that we want to have a lot of choices, if we have too many choices, it makes it that much more difficult for us to sort out what we are going to want to eat. The fact is, our minds can’t always process that many choices and, because of that, the whole process ends up shutting our brains down and making it hard for us to finally come to a decision as to whether or not we should eat at a particular place.

So, how can you solve it? There are a few ways to look at the issue. Some people gamify it. Others will take turns. Others have a checklist where, if they have gone somewhere in the past two weeks, it gets knocked off of that list. You have to find the way that works best for you and that allows you and your spouse to sort out what it is that you may want to eat. It takes time to really decide between sushi and burgers, but once you get into a rhythm that works for you, you’ll find that it’s easier to make the decision.

The Rise and Rise of the Salad Bar

Why are salad bars so splendidly attractive? Who would have ever thought there would be fast-food chains dedicated to the salad bar? Restaurants happily set aside real estate where they could have placed tables and more guests, but no, they install a salad bar instead.

A salad is no longer boring

The answer lies in how interesting salads have become. Gone are the days of two sad lettuce leaves, a tomato which tastes of water and a dollop of a creamy looking sauce that frankly could be anything.

Now the refrigerated salad bar has opened up a cornucopia of delight. Even the lettuce comes in a variety of flavors and types. Tomatoes now come in various shapes and sizes and manage to taste like a real tomato – not a cardboard slice of something red. And as for the dressings, there are more of those than your grandma imagined.

A salad is both filling and easy

refrigerated salad bar

Here’s one of the reasons restaurants like a salad bar. People fill up on them and they are full of lovely items which are relatively inexpensive compared with the proteins of main meal dishes. When a restaurant is trying to increase the value of each plate, having a side plate which fills people up allows them to balance the cost to them vs. the value to us.

Does it matter?

Probably not! We love salad. When you say I am having salad for lunch, you can almost guarantee the picture in your head is different from the picture in mine since there is such choice available.

Long live salad! Agreed. If you want a way to get vitamins and minerals it is probably about the best way possible and you can always add chicken and pile it high with cheese too. There’s nothing more attractive than well-dressed salad.

If You Want to Be the Food Cart Person

For the entrepreneur, life can be intimidating and met with many successes and failures alike. Often, they struggle for awhile to make ends meet and to keep business ventures alive. One of the most difficult things for a budding entrepreneur to establish is a base income. Normally, you would have to work an outside job in order to support the aspirations of owning your own business.

marketing carts

Sometimes a given job is even a means to getting your own business. It all depends on what angle you take. If you do, however, want to maintain your own independence, don’t have too much money but some to invest, what about opening a very tiny business? Does that sound good even if if is a food cart?

Before you back away from the thought, would it not be fun? Just picture yourself there for a moment. You are independent, not answering to any but your customers and them only briefly. It is a pretty good gig when you think about it. Granted, this is not the only avenue you could take. Still, you should consider the use of marketing carts as an entrepreneurial venture.

If you have been thinking about doing this for some time now, you are obviously not alone. If you live in a larger city, you already are familiar with the different carts around. You will need to find a location and a pitch with brand that will not be in competition with others. This may be a challenge if you are in the hot dog business, for example.

Use your imagination and make your cart unique. Sell something good and fun, but keep it affordable. Definitely make it unique so that your cart will stand out above so many others. Market yourself and your products to everyone nearby.